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Do You Have A Comment?

I’ve been thinking about Jeff Hamada and Miranda July. You might know them, but then again, you might not. I’ll tell you just enough to follow my thinking.

Jeff Hamada runs Booooooom, a wildly successful art blog. He gave a Creative Mornings talk that I’ve watched multiple times because it’s so out there. It’s not linear like you might expect (based on the thousands of lectures you’ve heard before), but you watch with interest because you feel like everything will connect in the end, it just will. You get this sense that Jeff knows something you don’t and you want to find out what it is.

Miranda July creates, I don’t know, everything? She writes books and makes quirky things like sculptures you can interact with. Her website requires a secret password, but accepts whatever you type in. Think about how many times your password—the one you know to be right—has been rejected and then think about how nice it is that Miranda’s site accepts your password, every time, no matter what.

Secret Password

Jeff recently shared his top five reads on It’s Nice That. The last on his list is Learning to Love You More by Miranda July. Jeff writes:

“This book was one of my main inspirations to start Booooooom. Getting people to be excited about making and creating is something I think about everyday. It’s tricky to ask something the right way so that people will not only understand what you want but actually get involved. Both of those things are important. I’m still learning.”

Man, it’s so tricky. But for whatever reason, this quote really makes me want to try. In this spirit, I’m wondering how many people I can get to comment on this post. My little blog is pretty new and unimportant, but isn’t everything pretty new and unimportant? And don’t you have something you’ve been wanting to say?

Scroll down and leave a comment. Say whatever you want. Maybe tell me a nickname someone used to call you. Or a bad piece of advice your grandparents have given you. Just, you know, reach out and share something and don’t be so afraid for it not to make sense.


4 thoughts on “Do You Have A Comment?

  1. Comment? I’ll leave you a comment:
    “You’re 1,987 pictures short of the number that this album promised. I would like my money back, please.”
    (That was literally the first comment that showed up in my FB news feed when I looked…)

    • Let me see if I can solve this puzzle. The commenter paid for a 2000-photo album, but the photographer thought he wanted an album from the 2000s, and so put thirteen photos together from a N*Sync-themed slumber party.

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