And Now For Something Different...

The Waiting Game

What You’ll Need: 

    • a watch
    • lots of time

How to Play: 

Go for a walk, perhaps to a park. Sit on a bench for a few seconds, but get bored. Find a store that sells puzzles and pour the pieces all over your living room floor. Get bored again.

Make yourself some nachos. Do not skimp on the cheese. Do not check your email. Text a friend, but get no reply. Check your email.

Check again. Watch Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” on YouTube. Tap your fingers on a table. Look at your watch. If hungry, make more nachos. If not, check your email again. Repeat the steps until it’s Monday and you’re on a plane to Amsterdam (or whatever your thing is).

How to Win:

Outlast your impatience.

Good luck, players. You’ll need it.


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