Copy Talk

One of the 22 Songs That Write Themselves

(Mental Floss is going to tell you that this song wrote itself, but you should probably know it was really me. I wrote it.)

On the excellent Mental Floss blog, Arika Okrent posted 22 Songs that Write Themselves from the Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary. The list is made up of rhyme couplings from the book, couplings like, “Mildewy, St. Louis, chop suey.” Inspired, I picked the very last one.

22. Vestibule, Istanbul, April fool, molecule, ridicule, Sunday school, swimming pool

Here it is. The song that practically wrote itself.

I kissed him in the train vestibule

Before he moved to East Istanbul

Nervous, I shouted, “April fool!”

But on my lips were his molecules

Well, he mistook my nerves for ridicule

Ran off the train, past the Sunday school

Guess he didn’t see the church swimming pool

Now I can never go to East Istanbul


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