Copy Talk

Unexpected Aspects of Life as a Copywriter

Throughout college and most of high school, I knew I wanted to be a copywriter. I wanted to live in a cool city  and work at a creative ad agency.

I’m currently a copywriter who lives in a cool city and works at a creative ad agency. So, that’s awesome. Of course, my dream was like the montage part of a movie: catchy music, carefully edited scenes, women laughing unnecessarily over salad. There’s more to life than that, especially if you’re a copywriter.

Here’s what I didn’t see coming.

Everyone thinks I’m a copyrighter. I’m not even sure that’s a job, but I spend a fair deal of time explaining to people that I’m not in charge of the Circle R.

A good deal of copywriting isn’t writing. It’s just sitting and thinking. Or doing research. Or reading out loud. Or asking, Is this racist?

People ask me very serious questions about punctuation.

Two creative people don’t automatically make a great creative team. On top of being smart, insightful and diligent, you have to like each other. For real. This matters more than talent.

To label a copy deck “final” is to tempt the universe.

For every big exciting project, there are ten menial ones.

Far more of my work is killed than sees the light of day. This is probably a good thing.

You know the saying, There are no stupid questions? It’s not true. Especially in client meetings. Stupid questions exist; save them for Google.

“It’s for work” can truthfully apply to a lot of bizarre things. Copywriting is good like that.


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