And Now For Something Different...

Bright Dresses, Malaria Pills & A 3-Day Wedding In India

When I think about flying halfway across the world to go to my friend’s wedding in India, I think, “Wow! I am one good friend.”

But as stressful as planning has been, I’m pretty thrilled. For my curious friends, and that one random person who searched “traveling to India and am totally overwhelmed HELP”, here’s a quick look at my fast-approaching Indian adventure:

1. We fly. With two layovers, including a 9-hr layover in Munich, it’ll take us two calendar days to get to Delhi.

2. Delhi! We’ll battle our jet lag, explore the forts of the city and, if all goes to plan, take an Indian cooking class. I imagine the number one lesson will be add more spice.

3. Agra! We’re taking a day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal because that’s a basic requirement for all trips to India. I should mention that temps will be in the 80s and we’ll be wearing pants.

4. Udaipur! Now things get crazy. We’ll celebrate Holi in the City of Lakes and then go to wedding party after wedding party until I’ve fully exhausted my formal wardrobe. I’m not sure what to expect at the various parties except dancing, vegetarian food and mehendi (aka henna). Bring it.

5. Delhi! Again! It’s all in the name of heading home sensibly, but maybe we’ll squeeze something fun in our pre-travel travel day.

6. And just like that, we’re making the globe-crossing trip back to the States. This time, thanks to Earth’s rotation and multitudinous time zones, we’ll be packing 25+ hours of travel into a single day.

7. Sleep. Like a big, happy baby, I shall sleep.


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