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Interview with a Writer: Steve Taylor

You know that Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere”? That’s probably what Steve Taylor’s career feels like. In the last year, he’s worked in Cleveland, Boston, New York, Philly, Charlotte, Memphis, St. Louis and I’m getting tired just trying to finish this sentence.

It’s all for his Great Agency Adventure, part whirlwind tour of North American creative agencies, part genius. I asked Steve if he’d have time between his travels to answer a few questions about being a writer. As you can probably guess, he said yes.

BR: What kind of writer are you?

ST: Professionally, I’m an Advertising Copywriter. However, in my spare time I dabble with children’s books, poetry, lyrics and a slew of other writing formats.

BR: How did you get wherever you are now?

ST: Well, that’s a bit of an interesting story. Here’s the short version: I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, where I lived for 25 years. After graduating from Kent State University with a Bachelors in Advertising, I moved to New York City. I stayed there for just over 4 years, working at an advertising agency called TMP Worldwide. Then, in the Spring of 2013, a family emergency arose and I was forced to uproot back to my hometown, where I remained until the situation was resolved. Once I was comfortable leaving again, I spent a few months figuring out what to do next and in the end that resulted in my current project, The Great Agency Adventure—a cross-country journey that sees me working at 14 ad agencies in 14 cities in 14 months. But I guess the even shorter version of that story would be that I took a plane to Austin, since that’s where I currently am.

BR: What advice would you give to someone trying to improve their writing?

ST: Read a lot. You should always be studying the writing of others. And don’t regulate yourself to the type of writing you want to do. Expand your horizons and expose yourself to different styles, formats and mediums. The same same goes for any stimuli. The more you fill your brain and the more you learn, the easier you’ll be able to output something unique.

BR: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve worked on?

ST: At the very first agency I worked at, I had to write a brochure for this product that added extra support to wall-mounted toilets.

BR:What’s something you’d like to work on in the future?

ST: I’m not sure, to be honest. I’m always looking for something new to write, but I don’t think I have my hopes narrowed down to anything in particular. I just want to keep writing things that people see and enjoy. That’s what keeps me going.


From toilet support to traveling the states: go Steve go.

This post is part of Interview with a Writer, a series trying to figure out what being a writer today looks like. Want to suggest a writer for me to feature? Is that writer you? Get in touch.


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