And Now For Something Different...

27 is the Year for Anything

I’ve been noticing this trend on blogs where every sentence is its own paragraph.

Not really my style.

But clearly, I’m trying it out.

You see, it relates to this recent revelation I had.


27 is the year you can do absolutely anything.

You’ve saved up maximum money but still have minimum responsibility.

You’re not too old to be childish but not too young to be mature.

You can be the babysitter or you can hire the babysitter.

You’re free to wear jorts or go for the pants suit with pumps.

OK to live out of a backpack, traveling the world.

OK to start a global backpack business.

Now, picture a line graph.

The first line: maturity, rising with time.

The second line: your ability to enjoy hedonism, falling (slowly).

The sweet spot where they meet?


It’s the pinnacle of life and you’re right in the middle.


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