Copy Talk

Secret Writing Project

I like waking up much earlier than I need to. Not because I like waking up early, but because I like moving like a snail (minus the trail of slime) once I’m up. I get ready slowly and generally saunter around. Rushing is not my thing. I use the extra time to make myself breakfast or prepare my lunch for the day. Not always, but generally speaking. Some days I do neither and stick to the sauntering. It makes for an excellent start to the day.

Lately, on my list of things I do before work, I’ve added writing. I do this after work and on weekends, too. I do it because I have a secret writing project.

Cue catchy theme song and animated intro.

[Secret Writing Project! It’s a secret but it’s clearly a project. With writing? Yes! Still kinda vague but that’s how it works. Because it’s a secret. Writing! Project!]

I suspect a lot of copywriters have secret writing projects. They help flex the mind and keep it sharp, like yoga for football players. Set, hut, namaste. (My secret writing project has nothing to do with yoga for football players if you’re starting to get concerned.) Plus, the secrecy part keeps expectations nice and low. And nonexistent.

Of course, writing is meant to be read, so all secret writing projects must be deserted or revealed at some point. My fingers are crossed for the latter. There’s still a lot of work to do, so until then I’ll be waking up early and writing before I go to work. That’s the not-so-secret plan. More to come. Maybe. It’s, you know, a secret.

[Writing! Project!]


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