About Me

I’m Brooke Randel, a writer and copywriter in Chicago. I write about things I find funny and a few things I don’t. Practically speaking, this means my pieces tend to be about writing (not funny), living in a city (funny) and traveling abroad (hilarious). To see more of my work, check out my portfolio.

Got a particularly good question or compliment? Find me on Twitter under @brookerandel or email me at brooke.randel [at] gmail.


Please Leave a Message at the Beep

I love this line. It’s become archaic and rightfully so, because it’s such an unnecessary instruction. I mean, of course people are going to leave a message. No one hears that line and thinks, “Oh, OK! A message!” And for those listening to the answering machine, waiting for the message to play, there is great anticipation. You never know what’s going to come after the beep.


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